Our mission is to provide technical support to the Electrical Industry, Utilities and user organizations by way of product certification, type testing, developmental and special testing and evaluation as per National and International standards and specifications, sponsored research, technical services such as inspection, consultancy, failure investigation, knowledge updating and in the areas of electrical materials, products and systems. Through high-quality research and development, it aims at providing scientific knowledge and technology needed to solve the problems of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.


  • The management is committed to good laboratory practice for reproducible reliable calibration/test results.
  • The laboratory service shall be prompt and reliable
  • The laboratory personnel shall be made to understand management system for all operations. All the laboratory personnel are required to familiarize themselves to the quality document and implement the policies and procedures at all times.
  • The laboratory personnel shall be well trained in both laboratory techniques and also in the laboratory quality procedures/protocols.
  • The laboratory management is committed to comply with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and NABL specific criteria requirements to continually improve the effectiveness of management system.


  • Testing can be scheduled as per need.
  • Competitive test charges.
  • Quick issue of test report after testing.
  • Necessary guidance & testing techniques can also be provided if needed.
  • Any other services as per customer’s requirement can be provided