Instrument Transformers (CTs and PTs) have wide application in metering and protecting the power system. Indigenously manufactured transformers have a wide range of ratings.

 Test Facilities

  1. Determination of errors according to the appropriate accuracy class
  2. Verification of terminal marking and polarity
  3. Temperature rise test
  4. Measurement of winding resistance
  5. Instrument Security current test
  6. Composite error test
  7. Knee point voltage and excitation current test
  8. Power frequency dry withstand test on primary winding
  9. Power frequency dry withstand test on secondary winding
  10. Power frequency voltage withstand test between sections
  11. Over voltage inter-turn test
  12. Turns ratio test
  13. Determination of secondary loop time constant
  14. Short time current test
  15. Lightning impulse test
  16. Measurement of Capacitance and loss factor (Tan delta) of current transformer
  17. Partial Discharge test

For Current Transformer Testing:- 

Applicable standard

1)      For current transformer: IS 2705, IS 16227, IEC 61869