Potential Transformer Testing


Potential Transformer is designed to present a negligible load to the supply being measured and has an accurate voltage ratio and phase relationship to enable accurate secondary connected metering.

  1. Verification of terminal marking and polarity / Verification of marking
  2. Temperature rise test
  3. Induced over voltage withstand test / Differential mode AC voltage test on primary terminals
  4. Separate source voltage withstand test / Common mode power frequency dry withstand test on primary terminals
  5. power frequency dry withstand test on secondary windings
  6. Determination of errors according to the requirements of appropriate accuracy class / Test for accuracy
  7. Power frequency voltage withstand between sections
  8. Short circuit withstand capability test
  9. Partial Discharge test
  10. Lightning impulse test
  11. Measurement of Capacitance and loss factor (Tan delta) of voltage transformer

For Potential Transformer Testing:- 

Applicable standard

1)      For potential transformer: IS 3156, IS 16227, IEC 61869