Transformer Testing


Transformers are an important component of the power system and are expected to find increased demand with thrust on infrastructure development.

Testing Facilities

  1. Measurement of winding resistance
  2. Temperature-rise test
  3. Separate source ac withstand voltage test
  4. Induced overvoltage test
  5. Measurement of insulation resistance
  6. Measurement of voltage ratio and Check of phase displacement/voltage vector relationship
  7. Measurement of short-circuit impedance and Load loss
  8. Measurement of no-load loss and current
  9. Measurement of zero sequence impedance(s) on three-phase transformers
  10. Measurement of neutral current
  11. Pressure test (Type test)
  12. Pressure test (Routine test)
  13. Measurement of harmonics of no-load current
  14. Measurement of no-load current at 112.5% voltage
  15. Magnetic balance test on 3-phase transformer
  16. Permissible flux density and over fluxing
  17. Oil leakage test
  18. Determination of sound level
  19. Determination of capacitances windings-to earth, and between windings
  20. Measurement of dissipation factor (tan delta) of the insulation system capacitance
  21. Lightning impulse test

For Transformer Testing:-

Applicable standard

1)      For distribution transformer : IS 1180,IEC 60076, CBIP Manual on Transformer

2)      For power transformer : IS 2026,IEC 60076, CBIP Manual on Transformer

3)      For dry-type transformer: IS 11171, IEC 60076. CBIP Manual on Transformer

4)      For reactor: IS 5553