It is the most compact device commonly used for reactive power compensation in long high-voltage transmission lines and in cable systems. The shunt reactor can be directly connected to the power line or to a tertiary winding of a three-winding transformer.

 TESTING Facilities

1. Measurement of reactance
2. Measurement of loss
3. Measurement of zero-sequence reactance on three-phase reactors
4. Measurement of mutual reactance on three-phase reactors
5. Measurement of the power taken by the fan and the oil pumps
6. Measurement of impedance of continuous current
7. Measurement of inductance
8. Q factor measurement
9. Measurement of current at all adjustments
10. Measurement of linearity of reactance
10. Turns ratio error test
11. Determination of secondary loop time constant

For Reactor Testing:- 

Applicable standard

1)      For potential transformer: IS 5553 (Part 1 to 8),  IEC 60076(Part-6)